CAPABLE 101: The Future

We deliver best-in-class programming to those who need it most and create the most meaningful outcomes in our sector.  We have lowered our cost and increased our impact with each new Cohort: tripling in size in 2020 and doubling in size in 2022. Right now we partner with 1,200 families and their 8,400+ household members. We’re preparing for another period of… Read More

CAPABLE 101: The Results

It’s easy to talk about programs and anecdotes. We don’t think that matters without meaningful outcomes.  IMPACT: Cohort Two (2020-2021) increased their income by 6.6x and exited extreme poverty, nearly reaching middle-income levels. Income increased from $0.48 to $3.20 / day / household member (purchasing power parity). DURABILITY: We expect clients to do… Read More

CAPABLE 101: The Strategy

Our programs produce durable outcomes because our foundational values bind everything that we do. This is the secret sauce:  PROXIMITY: We are proud to have a 100% Ugandan staff in Uganda. Our team has an inherent knowledge of the challenges their communities face. They combine their specialties with their lived experience to deliver world-class services. We engage our clients weekly to collaboratively… Read More


Our program has been locally developed to address the barriers that keep communities in poverty. We focus resources and access towards achieving durable outcomes. Our goal is to see our clients transition to commercial farming, diversify income, and earn enough money to ensure that their entire family lives above the extreme poverty line. Our two-year… Read More


We work in the Acholi Sub-Region of Northern Uganda. From 2017 to 2020 the extreme poverty rate increased from 33% to 68%.* This is an urgent problem: there are now 1.2 million people living below the extreme poverty line of $1.90 / day.** The vast majority are subsistence farmers; these are our clients.  In… Read More

Transparent Goals and Why Outcomes Matter for NGOs and Non-profits

Measurement in the economic development space has grown significantly over the last decade, but organizations rarely focus these measurements on the outcomes of their labor. It’s easy to focus on our activities, but what are the tangible, net outcomes of these activities. In this practical talk, Arthur Price discusses the… Read More

Ugandan Led Program Eradicates Poverty

Capable’s Annual Report data proves community-based solution as best practice in transitioning families into self-sustainability Gulu, Uganda- Capable’s 2020 Annual Report revealed the organization’s current strategy is effectively eradicating poverty in Uganda. One year after graduating from Capable’s program, clients have remained out of extreme poverty and are earning near-middle… Read More