Ugandan Led Program Eradicates Poverty

June 23, 2021

Capable’s Annual Report data proves community-based solution as best practice in transitioning families into self-sustainability

Gulu, Uganda- Capable’s 2020 Annual Report revealed the organization’s current strategy is effectively eradicating poverty in Uganda. One year after graduating from Capable’s program, clients have remained out of extreme poverty and are earning near-middle income levels, despite the shock of the global pandemic.

Cohort Two (2020/2021), three times the size of Cohort One, has already surpassed the extreme poverty threshold after just 12 months. After starting at $0.49, the average daily income per household member in Cohort Two has reached $2.74.

Capable’s high-touch program, crafted by Ugandan native Idro Dominic, reinforces resilience in clients and equips them with the resources to sustain a life above the extreme poverty line. The program runs a two-year course, focusing on intensive training, one-to-one mentorship, low-cost financing and market linkage.

“Much of our work is creating structures and environments where mindset change can take place. That is, seeing clients take ownership over their ability to achieve their positive, possible future. Reinforcing that they are capable,” Dominic said.

Year-over-year data collected through a Salesforce database revealed Capable clients overall experienced a 64 percent increase in net worth, 208 percent increase in cash savings, 46 percent increase in physical health, 15 percent increase in self-esteem and 87 percent increase in group engagement.

“Our results continue to speak for themselves and I’m confident in our team’s ability to adapt to whatever comes next. Thank you to those who continue to walk with us on this journey of ending poverty in Northern Uganda, we’re just getting started. Wun wan, wan wun [We are you, and you are us],” Dominic said.

About Capable

Capable is a Ugandan-led nonprofit organization built to eradicate poverty through locally developed programs. Learn more about Capable and read the 2020 Annual Report at