CAPABLE 101: The Results

September 13, 2022

It’s easy to talk about programs and anecdotes. We don’t think that matters without meaningful outcomes. 

IMPACT: Cohort Two (2020-2021) increased their income by 6.6x and exited extreme poverty, nearly reaching middle-income levels. Income increased from $0.48 to $3.20 / day / household member (purchasing power parity).

DURABILITY: We expect clients to do well while they’re in the program; what happens next is what counts.

Cohort One (2018-2019) lived well above the extreme poverty line during their first year-post program: successfully weathering the shock of the global pandemic, civil unrest, and everything else that made 2020 such a challenging year. Despite it all, they saw their net worth increase by 5.7%. 

EFFICIENCY: In 2021 we spent $809k as an entire organization; our clients earned over $1.6 million during the same time period. 

We don’t operate so that families can experience well-being for a few years, we do it so they will never experience the trauma of living in extreme poverty again. 

Next week we’ll look at the implications of these results.