CAPABLE 101: The Strategy

September 7, 2022

Our programs produce durable outcomes because our foundational values bind everything that we do. This is the secret sauce: 

  • PROXIMITY: We are proud to have a 100% Ugandan staff in Uganda. Our team has an inherent knowledge of the challenges their communities face. They combine their specialties with their lived experience to deliver world-class services. We engage our clients weekly to collaboratively address poverty traps in a way that can only be achieved through this local expertise. 
  • PRECISION: We focus on meaningful results: to see every member of every household live above the extreme poverty line of $1.90 / day. We rely on a/b testing, live impact tracking and a robust M&E system to iterate and improve our program.
  • MENTAL HEALTH: We are passionate about psychological and emotional well-being because we believe in interdependent outcomes. Our commitment to holistic programming fosters lasting impact.